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March 2, 2024




Returning to Irish Fest Camden for the 8th year is SYR (pronounced "sire"). The crowd favorite, Celtic folk rock band from Columbia takes inspiration from Celtic history, stories, and myth. SYR blends their own unique background to create powerful songs with themes like battle, love, heritage, and victory, celebrating the rich heritage of the Celtic Nations in a contemporary style with broad audience appeal. SYR's reputation for a high-energy performance has made them a welcome addition to many Celtic festivals and events, building a following across the U.S. and internationally.

Their much anticipated third CD dropped in January 2022. The band consists of siblings Kyle (lead vocals, guitar) and Laurel MacCallum (vocals, percussion), Kelly Vance (bass), Greg Vance (drums), and Worth Lewallen (violin).

For more information, visit their official website at

Syr 2023 website
Steel City Rovers
Steel City Rovers
The Steel City Rovers perform dynamic and expressive music that is a unique composite of traditional Celtic music and North American styles including bluegrass, folk and roots. Their original works touch on issues of love, loss, celebration and heritage and they also breathe life into newly-discovered instrumental melodies from as far back as centuries ago. Their sophisticated arrangements are inviting for the most casual listener but are rewarding for those who are well versed in the nuances of musical complexity. The Rovers stand out for their powerful, emotive vocals and engaging entertainment. They perform on meticulously crafted replicas of historical instruments that rarely appear on today’s musical landscape. This highly active touring band headlines large festival stages, gives intimate concert performances, educates in a variety of workshop and master-class settings and performs internationally with symphonies. They create, collaborate and work hard to further the love and awareness of music. For more information, visit their website at:
On The Lash Band

On The Lash

Inspired by the rich heritage of Irish traditional music, On The Lash brings a fresh and vibrant approach to timeless melodies. The band is dedicated to reinvigorating classic Irish songs with original interpretations, while also crafting their own unique compositions that stay true to the genre's essence. Their music is a testament to the enduring energy and adaptability of Irish musical traditions.

Embracing the spirit of Irish music, On The Lash seamlessly blends the old with the new. The band's performances are characterized by amazing vocal harmonies and precise musicianship. Their diverse setlist appeals to a wide range of audiences, from dedicated music enthusiasts to casual listeners. Described as 'mesmerizing', their live shows captivate audiences with a blend of skillful play and heartfelt passion.

On The Lash's unique style of Traditional Celtic music provides a refreshing experience for their listeners. This is especially notable in venues like pubs, where they have been praised for bringing something different to the table. Despite occasional tiredness from rigorous schedules, their performances never wane in quality. The band's talent and graciousness are frequently highlighted, making their shows memorable experiences that resonate with audiences for years.

48 Fables Band
48 Fables

48 Fables is a Roots/Americana band based in Columbia, South Carolina. The band, known for its innovative approach and dynamic sound, has undergone several line-up changes and settled into a three-piece arrangement. This configuration has been described as the fullest and most complete sound the band has produced to date​​​​.

The band members include Kevin Brewer, who, in addition to his drumming duties, has taken on the role of lead vocalist. His voice has been described as slightly weathered and lived-in, providing a unique texture to the band's music. Bassist Kevin Pettit, who also contributes vocals, is known for his rousing shout on various tracks. Chris Howard, the guitarist, brings a variety of guitar tones and styles, adding to the band's diverse sound. Kevin Pettit's background in a local Celtic rock act, Loch Ness Johnny, allows him to bring an almost-Irish tune to the band's repertoire, enhancing their musical diversity​​.

EJ Campbell
EJ Campbell

IrishFest Camden is proud to welcome back EJ Campbell.

Raglan Road
Raglan Road
Trip Rogers, a North Carolina native, is a guitarist, vocalist, songwriter, and entertainer with Raglan Road. He has been performing Celtic music for over fifteen years and has a diverse musical background that includes southern rock and blues. Neil Anderson, a multi-instrumentalist, is best known as a founding member of Seven Nations, a Celtic Rock band. He has performed internationally with top artists in the Celtic genre. Both Rogers and Anderson bring a wide range of musical influences and experiences to Raglan Road, contributing to its unique sound
Carroll Brown Music
Carroll Brown

Raised on a farm near Camden, South Carolina, Carroll’s first music influences were church music and night time radio. His mother was the church pianist and taught him his first chords on the guitar. Traditional southern gospel and bluegrass would give way to Jim Croce and James Taylor as he entered college. The first paying jobs paid college tuition but would pave the way for his life’s work. He first tested the waters in New York but opted for Nashville, Tennessee. There, he worked with songwriters and music publishing and in various studios recording and helping produce nationally released records.

Family matters and money matters brought him back to South Carolina in 1981. He settled in Charleston, where he started a recording studio and music publishing business. A steady gig at the Mills House Hotel helped to pay for his growing family and the dream that refused to die. His family roots include Irish blood and his intense interest in the Irish music led to hosting annual visits to his ancestral homeland.

Today Carroll and his wife live on the family farm in Kershaw County where he was raised. Not much time for farming, but the gift of music his mother gave him is still his passion. He is still performing full time in venues and festivals around the southeastern U.S. and he is still writing songs and releasing new recordings.

Carroll’s albums and his performance schedule are on his website at You can learn about his overseas tours at and catch his weekly live stream from the farm on his Facebook page at

Brandon Mullis
Brandon Mullis

Brandon Mullis has been performing for more than 20 years, on stages ranging from your local pub to Carnegie Hall. He's a North Augusta, SC native who's been bringing his Irish songbook to Irish Fest Camden for three years running. Brandon has released two albums of his original songs: 2018's "The Crackpots and These Women," and the most recent release, "Highways and Stars," which are streaming on all major platforms (and for purchase at his performances). He tours regularly up and down the east coast from Florida to New England, bringing his songbook of more than 300 tunes to listeners from all walks of life..